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Malezi School Mini Farm

Malezi School Mini Farm – Nairobi, Kenya

The Malezi school in a slum in Nairobi was exploring ways to reduce the hunger of the over 180 very young student body of the school.  Majority of the pupils leave their homes in the morning without breakfast. Often there is also no guarantee of a lunch meal. Some eat super to super only which reduces their ability to concentrate and participate fully in classes.

The focus of this projects is to enable each child to learn how to grow their own vegetables as part of the school curriculum in a plot of land right by the school itself.  This will enable them to supplent their diet with nutritional food farmed in the school garden and allow them to focus on learning and arm them with a life-long skill to give them independence.

Each child will have additional food to supplement its daily diet.   Each child will learn this important survival skill and be responsbile for the success of the project.  When the project is implemented fully, the pupils will access two meals in school, break-time porridge and lunch, hence addressing the issue of hunger and malnourishment in the school.

Aditionally this project will help in the following way

  • Improve and add nutritional values in their daily diets, helping them to be in less danger of diseases.
  • It will broaden the students’ agricultural skills and knowledge practically and theoretically.
  • It will keep the kids in school and in class, able to concentrate and participate in class work.

It will fully address the short-term hunger issues in Malezi school.

The People Bridge is happy  to partner to build  Malezi School Mini Farm.

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